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Since 1st July 2014, the SPIE book "Fundamentals of Dispersive Optical Spectroscopy Systems", ISBN 9780819498243, replaces the "Basics" pages 1...5.
By 31st March 2015, the SPIE book "
Applications of Dispersive Optical Spectroscopy Systems", ISBN 9781628413724, replaces the "Applications" pages.
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Since April 2017, a third book is available, this time written in German language and by a consortium of  authors:
"Optik für Ingenieure und Naturwissenschaftler",

The editors are Ekbert Hering and Rolf Martin, the publishing company is Hanser-Verlag,
ISBN-No.: 978-3-446-44281-8.
The book contains 874 pages, the part on dispersive, optical spectroscopy covers 80 pages and was written by W. Neumann

History: 23march2006: start / 27may06: split english-german, change design, add GRATING-basics / 8jun06: add graphics EXTENSION / 16Oct06: add german SPECTROMETER-basics / 19Nov06: add english SPECTROMETER-basics / 10Jan07: new design, all pages improved/ 10 March07: provider changed, spectrometer basics improved/20Aug07:relocation to new adress/6&16Sept07:Configurtions-Part 1 (Spectrometers) added/3April08:Services & Philosophy upgraded, CONFIGURATIONS completed, aberration and prism topics in all BASIC pages  improved, COLLECTION on own page/5August08: F12 improved, Graph31A added, Collection extended/21September08: Detection added/8Febr09:section 2.7 relaunched/24April09:  Illumination (german version) added/4July09:  Illumination (international version) added, BASICS accomplished/20Nov09: Applications A1/A2 Absorption/Reflection spectroscopy added, Illumination extended/20March10: Application L1 Luminescence, static added/8August2010: all BASICS are now available in PDF format. All Basics revised/28Sept10: Application L2 dynamic luminescence/lifetime added/19Dec10: Application C1 Calibrations added/19Jan11 Application E1 Ellipsometry added/21April11 Application A3 special Absorption Techniques added/1July11 Application E2 Emission Spectroscopy added/8December11 Application R2 Raman & Brillouin Spectroscopy added/26Feb12 Application S1 Straylight added/31Mrch12 complete revision of all German pages/12April2012 complete revision of all English pages-Project "Basics" completed/6Sept2012 list of papers completed/18May2014 Basics strongly compressed in favour of first printed book "Fundamentals", released by SPIE/5April2015 Application part of the  Basics strongly compressed in favour of the second printed book "Applications", released by SPIE/12June17 Indication on a third book on Optics, written by a consortium of authors and in German language, added