Optical Spectroscopy with dispersive Spectrometers
Basics - Building Blocks - Systems - Applications

Basics 6: Typical Applications and Methods of Measurement
with Monochromators and Spectrographs

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"Applications of dispersive optical Spectroscopy Systems",
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"Fundamentals of dispersive optical Spectrometers" offers information on the techniques, the limiting parameters, and the technical requirements/solutions of a selected batch of applications in optical spectroscopy, based on modular systems.
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A1e    Absorption - Absorbance - Transmission - Reflection - static Methods
A2e    Absorption - Absorbance - Transmission - Reflection - dynamic/kinetic Methods
A3e    special Absorption Spectroscopy: AAS, CD/ORD, scattered Transmission ST, PAS / OAS
C1e    Calibration (x and y scale)
E1e     Ellipsometry and polarized Photometry
E2e     several Emission, Laser, Plasma, LIBS, Material Processing, and other Methods
L1e      Luminescence - Fluorescence - Phosphorescence / static -
L2e      Fluorescence / dynamic & Lifetime - Phosphorescence
R1e     Radiometric Measurements, spectroscopic / Radiometric Illumination, spectroscopic
R2e     Raman and Brillouin Spectroscopy
S1e     Stray Light - Definition, Impact, and Measurement

The basics chapters consist of
1 - grating and prism basics
2 - spectrometer principles
3 - spectrometer configurations
4 - detectors for optical spectroscopy
5 - illumination systems, with lamps, coupling methods, fibre optics, and radiometry
6 - a collection of applications, with view on the requirements and possible solutions
7 - the collection of topics, abbreviations and symbols use, calculation of energy conversions, equations and formulas used

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