Available Services

Consultation, advice, and project realization in the following fields of optical spectroscopy and radiometry

Absorption and Transmission spectroscopy (170 . 2800 nm),
Reflection spectroscopy and polarization spectroscopy (2002800 nm),
Fluorescence spectroscopy (1704000 nm),
Raman spectroscopy (2201100 nm),
Emission spectroscopy (2001100 nm). 

Measurement and analysis of light sources like Lasers, Lamps, LED, etc.,
Spectral light sources (lamp/ monochromator combination) and beam guiding (1702800 nm),
Radiometric methods (2001100 nm). 

All applications in static and time resolving modes, using single point and  CCD detectors.
The offer includes the creation of system specifications with regard to the application planned, as well as the analysis of the possible use of existing instrumentation for new applications; furthermore the definition, projection, realization and installation/introduction of systems.


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