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Optical Spectroscopy on demanding applications in the ranges VUV-UV-visible-NIR-IR may require special system solutions. Spectra-Magic consult customers with project management, construction, setup, and modification of spectrometer systems, in theory, background information, and realization.
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Please note: The full content of the BASICS pages is exclusively available in printed shape:
"Fundamentals of Dispersive Optical Spectroscopy Systems",
SPIE-Monograph, ISBN No.: 9780819498243

"Applications of Dispersive Optical Spectroscopy Systems",
SPIE-Monograph, ISBN No.: 9781628413724

The internet pages now inform you on the book´s content, as they present the headlines and figures of the different chapters. We hope, that the book will be as helpful and useful for you, as the have been.

Since April 2017, a third book is available, this time written in German language and by a consortium of  authors:

"Optik für Ingenieure und Naturwissenschaftler",
The editors are Ekbert Hering and Rolf Martin, the publishing company is Hanser-Verlag,
ISBN-No.: 978-3-446-44281-8.
The book contains 874 pages, the part on dispersive, optical spectroscopy covers 80 pages and was written by W. Neumann

By February 2020, a fourth book is available, again written in German language and by a consortium of  authors:

"Handbuch Bauelemente der Optik",
The edited by , published by Martin Löffler-Mang, Helmut Neumann und Gottfried Schröder, also Hanser-Verlag,
Printversion ISBN-Nr.: 978-3-446-46126-4; E-Book-Version ISBN-Nr.: 978-3-446-46126-0.
The part on dispersive, optical spectroscopy was written by W. Neumann



Content of the Pages in English:
Commercial Part:

A short introduction to the history, and the goals of spectra-magic
Description of the services and performances offered

Examples Photometry, Fluorescence,  Radiometry, and Illumination have been deleted. They became obsolete, after all content was part of the different Basics pages)

Non-commercial Part:
List of selected application notes since 1994
Theoretical introduction and technical overview on opto-spectroscopic components and systems, VUV…NIR
BAS 1) Grating basics
Basics of diffraction gratings
BAS 2) Spectrometer basics
Spectrometer principles and parameters
BAS 3) Configurations
Typical setups of monochromators and spectrograph systems
BAS 4) Detectors

Typical parameters and requirements of the commonly used detector systems
BAS 5) Illumination

Light coupling and transfer, lamps, fibre optics, and other components to illuminate spectrometers, and Radiometry
BAS 6) Applications
ome requirements and technically possible solutions from the application´s view. There, also the topics "Calibration" and "Straylight" are also found.
BAS 7) Collection
There the table of contents of the Basics pages is listed, and a complete collection of all symbols, conversions, formulas, and equations used in the non-commercial part (always kept up-to-date).

BAS 1 through 7 are content in improved and extented shape of this pair of books:

Front coverRear cover

Front Cover Applications BookRear Cover Applications book


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